Company History

geschichte-erste-firmaIn 1946 the founder of the company, Hans Braun, set up his own woodworking business together with his father. They produced toys, wood-turned goods and wooden washing machines, among other things. Before long they were also producing, repairing and trading in wooden barrels and vats.

Having established business links to companies in the mineral oil and chemicals industry the company began to trade in iron drums and iron drum processing in the early 1950s. The initial products were open-head iron-hooped barrels and corrugated open-head drums, but soon the first tight-head drums appeared among the company’s product range.

Fass-Braun has been operating from its current location since 1955.

After the woodworking side of the business closed in 1965 the company concentrated exclusively on steel drum reconditioning. By acquiring additional land it became possible to extend the company premises from 1,200 square metres to its present size of 30,000 square metres.


Parallel to the expansion of the company’s grounds and production area the technology evolved and our product range and the nature and scope of our services changed. Over the years they have continued to adapt the services to meet the changing requirements of the customers.

Hannelore and Jürgen Goldau spent years working in the company and learning about business management before they took over the family business in 1993, and now it’s their son’s turn to get to know the ropes. So now it’s the third and fourth generations who are seeing to it that the company adapts to changes in the market and continues to thrive. Today, in addition to reconditioning, Fass-Braun GmbH offer a complete range of container and drum services and also new packaging.