Environmental protection is high on our list of priorities

Reconditioning makes it possible to re-use industrial packaging. This is true waste reduction. Raw materials are conserved and waste is avoided. Empty industrial packaging which is given back to be reconditioned is a product – not waste.

At the same time, Fass-Braun GmbH has the expertise to ensure the safe return and proper handling of empty packaging. Beginning with the collection of the empty packaging, it is loaded on to a tarpaulin-covered swap body fitted with a steel tray and off-loaded directly at the production line in our warehouse.

The entire floor of our in-plant transport and processing area for used packaging is protected against dripping product residues by gutters and trays. The concrete surface of our outdoor storage space is sealed with a coalescence separator to protect against ground contamination.

Cleaning is performed with washing water heated to approx. 80°C, to which alkaline cleaning agents are added in accordance with the latest cleaning technology.

In October 2005 Fass-Braun’s modern paint facility switched over to environmentally friendly water-based paints.