Guaranteed returns – throughout Europe

Fass-Braun GmbH has joined forces with three other strong partners from the sector to form the VIV – Verwertungsgemeinschaft Industrieverpackungen (Industrial Packaging Recycling Association). The objective of this industrial and environmental initiative is to offer you the best possible service.

As a result of Fass-Braun’s co-operation with European partners within the EPC – European Packaging Cooperation – it is also possible to return packaging from many countries in Europe. Together the EPC guarantees the collection of industrial packaging directly from the returner. Through this co-operation the EPC ensures that you gain from the experience and expertise of a strong network of skilled and accomplished specialists.

As a result of VIV’s involvement in SERRED – the European association of industrial packaging reconditioners – and in various committees and working groups, it is a recognised point of contact for state institutions and inter-branch associations. This guarantees that we get the latest information on industrial packaging, which we gladly pass on to you.

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